What are the tough questions on AI ethics

And why they matter for business




6:30 p.m.


Luciana Ledesma

Founder, AI Dragons, Maastricht.

The ethics of AI
Have you ever wondered why ethics and artificial intelligence despite being longstanding fields have been so little discussed in business contexts in the 20th century and all of the sudden AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ethics are ranked among the topics attracting most attention in business journals and literature? Are you curious about what lies behind this crucial and controversial debate on AI ethics for business and society as a whole?  

Luciana will take us on a journey to reflect on why AI ethics is inevitably making it to every CEOs’ agendas, and will elucidate on the tough questions and challenges that are taking the central stage. With the conviction that we learn most from the questions that challenge our own behaviours, she will deep dive into the risks and opportunities that AI offers for business growth and transformation.  
Christoph Kraller

Wir sind verschwenderisch in der Förderung unserer Mitarbeiter.

Luciana Ledesma
Luciana is co-founder and CEO of AI dragons, an incubator of applications and ventures leveraging the power of Machine Learning. Even though the company has only been founded a couple of months ago, the company already counts with a portfolio of high level clients, including the Constitutional Court of Colombia. With AI dragons’ powered tech cases arriving at the court are analyzed, using MachineLearning (i.e. OCR and text and argument mining). The relevant aspects of the analysis are displayed on a dashboard that helps the court identify and track fundamental rights violations. The visualization of the data analysis in realtime provides this institution with valuable insights to enhance public policy and track escalation of social tensions. The Colombian Justice System institutions have received with enthusiasm the development of the dashboard, which is set to start in the coming weeks.  

Luciana S. Ledesma is a global tech entrepreneur, and certified ExOCoach who helps corporations such as Stanley Black and Decker, HP, Visa, TDAmeritrade establish new ventures and wisely adopt technologies such as, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and blockchain, to transform their businesses and enter new markets. She also works with cities and regions creating ventures that address social challenges, such as pollution, urban traffic, lack of access to financial health and justice, financial exclusion, among others.

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