6:30 p.m.


Milan Guenther

Partner, Enterprise Design Associates, Paris.

Sascha kubiak

Partner, Dark Horse, Berlin.

Sascha Kubiak
Milan Guenther
Future of Work
The question of the future of work is an ever more complicated one. Fundamentally it also is a question of the future of collaboration. It is a question of how organizations should be designed so that we want to contribute to and interact with them. And it is a question of how the lines are drawn between the organization and the public or between fulfilling corporate roles and conducting one’s life in general. This evening’s discussion will span the concept of network organizations, Sociocracy and transformational rebels both the entrepreneurs and the ones within corporates.
Milan Guenther
Milan is a partner at Enterprise Design Associates, where he works with organizations of all shapes and sizes on innovation and transformation. He's worked with SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and startups. He authored Intersection, a book introducing the Enterprise Design approach for systemic and holistic design in complex enterprises, and he’s growing a global network of practitioners on that topic. More recently, Milan worked extensively with Design Sprints to achieve significant impact with limited time and resources, and became a Google certified Design Sprint Master. He’s one of the organizers behind the Intersection Conference series, and co-leads the IxDA Paris chapter.
Sascha Kubiak
Sascha started working in IT when smoking in open-plan-offices was still a common thing. Between 2003 and 2017 he helped to scale a tech startup to become a global market leader. Amongst others his role in this was VP Products. He conceived innovation programs that enabled a successful new positioning and he thereby also facilitated the agile transformation of the organization. Today Sascha considers himself a ‘do-gooder’, father and ToDo-list champion who represents the fields of New Work, learning and innovation culture for Dark Horse. Besides he keeps searching for that perfect natural wine.
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