Difference & Repetition

the two forces which inform our decision making



6:30 p.m.

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NaÏs DÉsirÉe Graswald

HR Lead Leadership Development & Performance Measurement, CARIAD, Munich

An invitation to embrace experimentation
Put simply, we have the choice: between the comfort of repeating proven methods versus the risk of discovering new approaches. This balance of habit and experimentation guides all of our daily actions.

Companies prioritise performance — thereby often favouring the tried and tested in service of ever more efficiency. The higher the reliance on what has proved to work well, however, the stronger grows risk-aversion. Eventually, this leads to a fear of deviating from any established path. Our freedom is being shrank as a result. And what looms is a dependence on streamlined systems which deliver nicely… until they suddenly fail irreversibly.

Escaping this cycle of repetitive stagnation begins with individual action. This Salon is an invitation to embrace experimentation in all its forms: playful, courageous, ambitious, and even childlike.

Join us for the continuation of the Creative Leadership Salon. Together with our guest Naïs Graswald we will embark on an exploration of daily decision making — as part of the organisations and communities we are part of and through which we shape our society.
Naïs Désirée Graswald
Our guest Naïs Désirée Graswald is a distinguished creative Leader with a decade of experience in working with politicians, federal ministers, state secretaries, CEOs and board members. She has set up communications departments (newsrooms), managed digital communications, visual communications and data & analytics. During her career, she has worked at the German Bundestag, in the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and is currently with the Volkswagen Group.
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